Reflections on Canada’s Experiences, Past and Present, with the Globalized World

To celebrate the publication of Canada’s Department of External Affairs, Volume III, “Innovation and Adaptation, 1968-1984,” Global Affairs Canada, in conjunction with iAffairs and the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal, has assembled some of Canada’s leading foreign policy analysts to address a theme rooted in the 1970s but resonating today: globalization. Katarina Koleva collected reflections on the event and on Canada’s experiences, past and present, with the globalized world.


Paul Chapin on Canada’s foreign policy and the geopolitical issues of the day

Stéfanie von Hlatky on NATO burden-sharing dynamics

Paul Heinbecker on the challenges for Canada’s foreign policy

Adam Chapnik on the UN Security Council reform

Margaret Huber on Canada’s experiences, past and present

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