Executive Summary

To be implemented over a period of six and a half years, the Canadian Action for Integration in Cameroon project, or CAIC, is purposed with fostering a lasting peace between Anglophone Cameroonians and the national government. The project is twofold; consisting of a preliminary mediatory phase that is to be immediately followed by a targeted, institution building endeavor, CAIC strives to provide a foundation that is conducive to peace, and so mitigates the root causes of present conflict. By addressing the primary motives that drive conflict, the project is well positioned to serve as a viable, long term remedy to what ills currently plague the relationship between Anglophone Cameroonians and the predominantly Francophone national government. In particular, CAIC endeavors to increase Anglophone participation in localized governance by way of education investment. Through the construction of an English school in Bamenda (the largest city in the Anglophone region) for public policy and governance, the initiative aims to give a voice to Anglophone Cameroonians through sustainable partnerships with both the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), and local community groups and representatives.

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