Guest: Aniket Bhushan Lead Analyst and Principal Investigator, Canadian International Development Platform

About: In this episode, we sit with Aniket Bhushan, Lead Analyst and Principal Investigator at the Canadian International Development Platform, an initiative that leverages open data and big data to analyze, visualize and discuss Canada’s engagement with the developing world. What are some of the emerging trends in international development today as the world faces climate change and builds a new approach to cooperation? This episode dives into the importance of evidence-based policy, global development trends and Canada’s role in shaping international development policy.

Left to right: Mitch Robitaille and Aniket Bhushan

Aniket Bhushan is an Adjunct Research Professor at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (Carleton University, Ottawa) and the Lead Researcher at the Canadian International Development Platform, a policy think-tank that works to provide a comprehensive picture of Canada’s engagement with developing countries.

Attributions: Featured image from Carleton Newsroom – Carleton University.

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