iAffairs Canada – Available Positions

Join the iAffairs Team – We are recruiting Associate Editors and Contributors!
We are always seeking talented and enthusiastic individuals interested in engaging the international affairs community through the iAffairs Canada platform. If you enjoy writing op-eds, participating in engaging discussion, conducting interviews, getting involved in events and conferences within the international affairs community, then join us as an Associate Editor. We accept submissions in both English and French. If you already have an existing website/platform and would like to attract a wider readership to your content then consider submitting your work to us as a Contributor.
Associate Editors

This position provides an opportunity to develop your editorial skills and gain valuable experience in the peer-review process. Each Associate Editor will be responsible for an assigned Topic or Region depending on their interests. Editors can also choose to conduct interviews with academics, policy makers, and politicians regarding relevant topics with the assistance of the iAffairs Management Team.

Above all, Associate Editors will be part of the website’s Editorial Team, who will set the strategic direction of the website and be involved in our conferences, networking events, and future events. Positions will be for 12 months with the possibility for an extension depending on individual performance.


a)    Uploading content relevant to their section (op-eds, news articles, interviews, etc.)

b)    Ensure that their selection of content is well-rounded, correctly uploaded, relevant, and edited

c)    Maintaining communication with Management and the iAffairs Team (this includes mandatory attendance at meetings and/or events)

d)    Maintenance of communications with the public regarding their particular section (a large part of the website’s success is determined by drawing in an audience). Often the best way to build content is to send out calls for submissions to universities, think-tanks, government, etc.


  • Excellent research, writing and communication skills;
  • A strong interest in international affairs research and media;
  • Previous experience in writing and editing online;
  • An understanding of online media.


To Apply 
If you are interested in applying for an Associate Editor position please email a short bio (max. 300 words) as well as your topic/region of interest to iAffairs. If you are interested in becoming a Contributor just send an email expressing your interest with a link to your website. If you are interested in becoming a Social Media and Public Relations Officer sending a resume will suffice.