This Policy Talks episode was produced with support from iAffairs Canada.

Guest: Professor F. Gregory Gause III, Head of the Department of International Affairs at the Bush School of Government and Public Service

About: In this episode, we take  a look at Saudi Arabia’s domestic and foreign policies, particularly how they have changed since Mohammed bin Salman (MBS) became Crown Prince of the Kingdom in 2017. Saudi Arabia is particularly prominent on the international stage due to its oil reserves and considerable influence over Sunni Islam. It has been a significant western ally due to its influence on world oil prices and cooperation with Western countries – the U.S. in particular – to combat Islamic terrorism. Despite a growing number of human rights violations, Saudi Arabia and the West continue to share trade in arms and military cooperation across the Middle East. How have the events in the past few years and MBS’s leadership affected Saudi’s place on the international stage?



Images courtesy of U.S. Department of State and Wikimedia Commons.

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