The Report Card on the Trudeau government’s first 100 days that was released on February 1, 2016 at The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, gave an overall B+ grade to the government’s foreign policy performance.

According to some experts who participated in the event, hosted by iAffairs Canada, CFPJ, and The Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, the progress in concrete initiatives and commitments is evident. According to others, some considered promises made during the election campaign to show weaknesses on the part of the Trudeau government.

iAffairs Canada interviewed experts and students who participated in the panels for their assessment and suggestions for the months ahead. The following questions were asked:

How would you Grade the Trudeau Government’s Foreign Policy Performance so Far?


What do you Think the Government’s Short-term and Long-term Foreign Policy Objectives Should Be?


What would be your One Recommendation to the Government?


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