Reclaiming Global Governance

On April 3, 2014, the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA), the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal (CFPJ) and iAffairs Canada presented a conference at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada on Reclaiming Global Governance: Prospects for an Uncertain World.  This event also served as the inaugural launch event for iAffairs Canada, an online hub for academics, policy practitioners and civil society organizations to debate and discuss issues relevant to international affairs.

UN in Global Governance
A regional seminar on “The United Nations in Global Governance” in August 2011. From left to right: the Foreign Affairs Minister of Chile, Alfredo Moreno, the ECLAC Executive Secretary, Alicia Bárcena, and the President of the sixty-fifth session of the United Nations General Assembly, Joseph Deiss.

Collective efforts to manage global problems face complex challenges, with important consequences for national governments and public policymakers. This outreach event aimed to better understand the complexity of core global governance challenges and to translate that understanding into practical policy guidance. Our capacity to find innovative solutions to contemporary global governance problems is improved by engaging academics, policymakers and the broader civil society in a Global Governance Knowledge Network.

After a short introduction by Dr. David Carment, the Editor of CFPJ, the conference was able to explore a range of global governance issues through the speakers and panelists featured in two roundtable discussions.

Panel I: Issues in Global Health Governance

Chair: Janet Hatcher Roberts, Centre for Global Health at University of Ottawa

Maria Esther Coronado, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs

Dr. Ronald Labonte, University of Ottawa

Dr. David McDonald, Queen’s University

Panel II: Institutions and International Development

Chair: John Cadham, Norman Paterson School of International Affairs at Carleton University

Dr. J. Andrew Grant, Queen’s University

Félix Grenier, University of Ottawa

Danylo Korbabicz, Ukrainian Election Monitor

Closing remarks were delivered by Uri Marantz and Adrian Swietlicki, Managing Editors of iAffairs Canada.

Photo by Carlos Vera/ECLAC.