Event Details

DATE: Friday, May 5th, 2023

TIME: 9:00AM-1:00PM

LOCATION: Nicol Building, Room 4050

Please join us for the workshop: “Displacement from Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Local Impacts, Canada’s Role and Global Consequences.” Organized in coordination with The Institute of European, Russian, and Eurasian Studies (EURUS), the CFPJ, the Global Centre for Pluralism, and iAffairs Canada, the workshop features students and scholars-at-risk who will discuss the movement of millions of Ukrainians and others affected by Russia’s Invasion. The workshop consists of two panels, where speakers will present on a diverse range of topics, including the arrival and settlement of Ukrainians to Carleton University and Ottawa, LGBTQI migration from Ukraine, and the effects on countries of the Caucasus who are sheltering Russians fleeing Putin’s war on Ukraine.

This workshop follows up on the November 3rd-4th 2022 conference: “Global Consequences of Displacement from Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: space, Place and Pluralism.” Both events examine the movement of millions of Ukrainians and others affected by Russia’s invasion as they shelter in Europe/Eurasia and overseas in Canada. We focus also on the reactions of host societies as they engage the internal and external displacement of millions fleeing the effects of war.  This workshop will highlight EURUS student and scholar-at-risk work that has produced up-to-the-minute research on critical issues.

The Displacement Ukraine website was created after the event. There you will find the conference panel recordings, policy briefs, podcasts and articles, news items, and other resources.

Refreshments and Lunch will be served to all registrants.

REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED. Please click here to access the event page to register. 

Workshop Agenda

Session 1: 9:30 – 10:45


  • Aderonke Osobajo, Graduate Student in Migration and Diaspora Studies

Experiences of Ukrainian Displaced Single Mothers in Ottawa: The Language Barrier

  • Milana Nikolko, Professor at The Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies

Ukrainian migration to Canada  from 1991 to CUAET (Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel) Key points

  • Abbie Chapman, Graduate Student at the Norman Patterson School of International Affairs

The Ukrainian War, Canada’s Response, and Human Trafficking

Integrating and Supporting Ukrainian Students at Carleton and Beyond

Coffee break: 10:45-11:00

Session 2: 11:00-12:10


  • Guzel YusupovaSociologist and Visiting Scholar at The Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies

Language attitudes among recent Russian immigrants to Armenia

  • Auguste Gauthier, Graduate Student in European, Russian and Eurasian Studies

Following the Rainbow: The Experiences of LGBTQ Ukrainian Migrants After the 2022 Russian Invasion of Ukraine

  • Gabriella Pickton, Undergraduate Student in European, Russian and Eurasian Studies

Re-evaluating Refugee Categorization in the Context of the Russia’s War on Ukraine

Lunch: 12:10-1:00

About the Speakers

Auguste Gauthier: Auguste Gauthier is a first-year master’s student in the European, Russian and Eurasian Studies Program here at Carleton University. His research currently focuses on the history of LGBTQ rights in East Central and Eastern Europe, and on the migration of LGBTQ Ukrainians. Field-work research for this project will be conducted this summer in Poland and Czechia. Prior to joining Carleton University, Auguste graduated from McGill University with a bachelor’s degree in history and Russian culture.

Gabriella Pickton: Gabriella Pickton is a second-year student in the B.A. Honours European and Russian Studies program, minoring in Russian. She is currently researching the ways in which international laws surrounding forced conscription by should be reevaluated to include those conscripted by state actors so that individuals affected by them may claim refugee status, and the ways in which this intersects with the current Russo-Ukrainian War and the migration of Russian military-aged males to Georgia. She will be completing a CUROP research project on this topic over the summer under the supervision of Professor Sahadeo.

Dr. Guzel Yusupova:  Dr. Yusupova currently a Visiting Professor and scholar-at-risk at EURUS. Her areas of expertise include Nationalism and Diversity and Inequality. Dr. Yusupova holds a PhD in Sociology from the European University at Saint Petersburg (EUSP). Prior to March 2022, she worked as Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at North-West Institute of Management, RANEPA. Before that, Dr. Yusupova was COFUND Research Fellow at Durham University and Research Associate at School of Social Sciences at Loughborough University, UK. She has also held other academic positions and post-docs in Tatarstan, Sweden, Austria and the UK.

Dr. Milana Nikolko: Dr. Nikolko is an adjunct Research Professor at the Institute of European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (EURUS), Carleton University. Her research focuses on trauma and collective memories of ethnic groups, trauma and victimization in Diasporas, and on Ukrainian diaspora and remittances. Dr. Nikolko teaches courses on Nation Building In Central And Eastern Europe and nationalism and Ethnic conflict In Eastern and Central Europe at EURUS.

Please email aleksanderbracken@cunet.carleton.ca for any questions, comments, or concerns.   

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