Canadian Foreign Policy Journal

Examines the Success and Failure of Conflict Intervention

Carleton University’s David Carment, Canadian Global Affairs Institute (CGAI) Fellow, professor at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs (NPSIA) and editor of the Canadian Foreign Policy Journal (CFPJ), has released the newest issue of CFPJ entitled Problems Abroad? Revisiting the Intervention Trap in an Era of Global Uncertainty, which examines the success and failure of conflict intervention.

Articles appearing in this special issue, guest edited by NPSIA PhD candidates Uriel Marantz, Fanny Siauw-Soegiarto and Sharon Zhengyang Sun, examine the causes and consequences of foreign military interventions in civil wars and protracted conflicts.

“Our readers will be pleased with the quality and breadth of these contributions,” said Carment. “Each of them have been carefully selected and peer-reviewed. They represent some of the best thinking from emerging scholars at leading universities and think tanks from around the world.”

“The scholarly network we’re building will help emerging academics influence policy in their own countries,” said Sun.

Topics include the comparative intervention policies of the Bush, Obama and Trump presidencies, alliance politics and hegemonic blackmail, adverse regime change, international justice and peacekeeping operations as well as peacebuilding in Haiti and intervention in Mali.

“Given our government’s $450-million commitment to sending troops abroad it’s more important than ever for Canadians to openly debate such policies,” said Marantz.

“What we’re seeing is that unrealistic expectations, open-ended commitments and alliance politics make it all too easy for outside states to enter these conflicts without a coherent timeline or reasonable understanding of what success is,” said Siauw-Soegiarto.

CFPJ is published by NPSIA is now in its 24th year. One article from the issue will be made freely available on CFPJ’s affiliate website

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