iAffairs Canada is delighted to present Episode 53 of the Policy Talks Podcast.

Guest: Professor Aaron Ettinger, Assistant Professor at Carleton University, specializing in International Relations and U.S. Foreign Policy.

About: This episode of the Policy Talks podcast dives into what post-Trump American foreign policy has been, and what’s at stake for Canada and for the contemporary liberal international order at large in this shift. Professor Aaron Ettinger discusses what the Biden administration campaigned on in 2020 and later embraced in office when it comes to foreign policy. Analysis of Biden administration’s policy reveals that nuances make it so that foreign policy choices cannot be chalked up to a “business-as-usual”, pre-Trump era approach, and the consequences of these nuances for Canada are discussed using historical Canada-U.S. relations as a framework. Later discussion talks about the emergence of progressive politics in recent years and its influence on American foreign policy and the current liberal international world order at large, ending with contemplations about what this could mean for foreign policy and international relations in the near future.

Podcaster: Aakanksha Sharma, Associate Editor at iAffairs Canada.

Photo Credit: Office of the President of the United States

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