iAffairs Canada is delighted to present Episode 56 of the Policy Talks Podcast.

Guest: Dr. Leigh Sarty, Scholar in Residence at Global Affairs Canada (GAC), where he previously served at the Embassy in Moscow (1996-1999 and 2012-2016) and in Beijing (2003 to 2007). At GAC HQ, he was Director for East Europe and Central Asia (2007-2012) and Director-General of the Bureau of European Affairs (2016-2018). He holds an M.A. from Carleton (Soviet Studies, 1985) and a Ph.D. from Columbia University (Political Science, 1991). His current work focuses on Russia-China-Canada relations, with special reference to the rules-based international order.

About: In this episode of Policy Talks, Dr. Leigh Sarty discussed the history and origins of China-Russia relationship, the factors bringing and holding them together today, where their foreign policy goals converge and diverge, and what the Ukraine Crisis means for their relationship. They conclude by discussing broader implications and lessons learned from the Ukraine Crisis for Taiwan.

Podcaster: Michael Aronoff, Associate Editor at iAffairs Canada.

Photo Credit: Website of the President of the Russian Federation

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