We invite you to publish with Palgrave’s newly launched Canada and International Affairs. Canada and International Affairs is a timely and rigorous series for showcasing scholarship by Canadian scholars of international affairs and foreign scholars who study Canada’s place in the world.

By focusing on policy matters, the series will be of use to policy makers in the public and private sectors who want access to rigorous, timely, informed and independent analysis.

As the anchor, Canada Among Nations is the series’ most recognisable annual contribution. In addition, the series showcases work by scholars from Canadian universities featuring structured analyses of Canadian foreign policy and international affairs.

The series also features work by international scholars and practitioners working in key thematic areas that provide an international context against which Canada’s performance can be compared and understood.

Series Editors: Professors David Carment, Meredith Lilly and Philippe Lagasse, Carleton University.

To submit a proposal or for more information on the series, please visit our website:

For other inquiries and general information please contact:

Senior Commissioning Editor, Dr Anca Pusca anca.pusca@palgrave-usa.com

Series Editor, Professor David Carment davidcarment@cunet.carleton.ca

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