Join the School of Canadian Studies for the third Guest Speaker in our Canada Talks series — Amrita Hari, Director and Associate Professor in the Feminist
Institute of Social Transformation at Carleton University.

Event Description

Wicked problems include multiple inseparable challenges, making it complex, endless, and resistant to quick solutions. Immigrant work integration in Canada involves barriers and opportunities based on specific situations facing individuals, organizations, and multiple jurisdictions of governments and societies. In our recent book, we understand immigrant work integration as a wicked problem in which everyone has a role to play. We emphasize the need to see qualified immigrants as more than terms of trade to address labour shortages or the value of their labour. We propose solutions that adopt a long-term perspective of integration and stress the need for coordinated action to provide Canadian newcomers with the necessary social, cultural, and institutional capital to realize their full potential.

Event Details

  • When: Friday November 3
  • Time: 12:30
  • Where: Dunton Tower (DT) 1216, Carleton University

A light lunch will be served

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About the Speaker

Amrita Hari is Director and Associate Professor in the Feminist Institute of Social Transformation at Carleton University. She has a BA Hons and MA in geography from the University of Toronto, and a DPhil in geography from the University of Oxford. Amrita’s research interests lie within global migrations, transnationalism, diaspora, and citizenship. Her previous work examined immigrants’ reconfigurations of productive and reproductive labor in a postmigratory context, published in Signs and Gender, Work & Organization, and the reproduction of gender, race, and class hierarchies in Canadian migration policies, published in International Migration and Refuge. Currently, she is investigating the study-work-migration journeys of international
students, published in Global Networks and Journal of Migration and Integration. She recently co-authored Making Sense of Immigrant Work Integration with fellow researcher Dr. Luciara
. It is open access and has been featured by Carleton University.

Picture via Wikimedia Commons

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