This month, we published a variety of articles on diverse foreign policy issues, as well two new episodes our Policy Talks Podcast!

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March’s Publications

“After A Spate of Warnings, Israel Went Down the 9/11 Path Anyway” by John Mueller for Responsible Statecraft

“Role Constellations and Foreign Policy: Brazil and Chile’s Approaches Towards the Belt and Road Initiative” by Lunting Wu for Canadian Foreign Policy Journal

“Getting a Sense: Explaining Why Canada’s Quantum Sensing Development Matters” by Claire Parsons

March’s Podcasts

“From National Security to Political Candidacy,” an interview with Huda Mukbil

“Current State of Affairs: The Role of Political Corruption in the Russia-Ukraine War,” an interview with Oksana Huss (reposted from 2022)

“Red, Blue, and Beyond: Unpacking the Polarization of U.S. Elections,” an interview with Erick Merkley

March’s Events

“Canada, the Middle East, and a Multipolar World” by Dr. Jeremy Wildeman for Canada Talks

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